Spring Preview

April 18, 2016
Though Spring Preview is primarily tailored to high school sophomores and juniors, special programming will be available for admitted students who choose to attend.

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Career and Leadership Development

  • Personal attention through individual appointments
  • Workshops and panels on careers and leadership development
  • Opportunities for networking with alumni and meeting employers and graduate and professional school recruiters
  • Assessments via StrengthsQuest, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory
  • Internship and job search coaching
  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Access to online and print resources through an extensive career library

Class of 2015

  • 98% of graduates are employed or in graduate/professional school within 6 months of graduation
  • 76% are employed
  • 20% are in graduate or professional school
  • 6% received fellowships

98% of graduates of the Class of 2015 reported their outcomes.

Outcomes Infographic

Play with our dynamic Outcomes Infographic connect Sewanee’s majors to the careers they might prepare you for.


The Sewanee Pledge

The Sewanee Pledge is about it all: cost, value, academics, and culture. The University of the South has taken a leadership role in making a first-rate higher education more accessible. Top-notch faculty have committed themselves to making the first-year experience more meaningful. And for more than 100 years, Sewanee’s Honor Code has given students the chance to live in a community of civility and respect.

Financial Aid

In addition to the four-year tuition guarantee, Sewanee offers high quality financial aid.

  • Percentage of full-time undergraduate students in the College that receive financial aid: 79.9 percent
  • Percentage of class of 2019 receiving financial aid (grants and scholarships, work-study, and need-based loans): 85 percent
  • Average financial aid package (grants and scholarships, work-study, and need-based loans): $25,311


Tuition covers as many courses as you can take.
Whether you take the standard curriculum of 16 hours or an over-achiever curriculum of 22 hours per semester, your tuition will remain the same. We do not charge by credit hour.

One flat fee for room and board
We don’t have a tiered cost structure for residence halls. They’re all nice; they all cost one price. It’s the same thing when it comes to eating on campus. We only have one meal plan; that one meal plan covers all your meals at McClurg Dining Hall—as many as you want.

Career counseling
Skills assessments, internship and career counseling, resume and cover letting support, and networking events are included in the cost of attendance. Get started getting a job your freshman year. 

Use of laundry facilities in residence halls is included in the cost of attendance. No reason to carry change around. No reason to walk around in dirty clothes, either.

All students have unlimited access to fitness facilities at the Fowler Athletics Center. When your mind needs a break, work out everything else.

Outdoor activities
Most Sewanee Outing Program trips on the Domain are available to all students at no additional cost. Hike, bike, cave, and rock climb until you can’t anymore.

Parking is reasonably priced.
You won’t drive your car very often as a Sewanee student. If you want to have one around, though, our parking fee is $100 per year. 

Unlimited printing is available at no additional cost to students at Jesse Ball duPont Library. Print a single page or senior thesis.


Sewanee Terms

Finding Your Place (FYP)

Dates: Aug. 17–27, 2016
Number of spots available: 140
Cost to attend: Included in tuition and fees
Registration opens May 4.

Finding Your Place brings together some of Sewanee's most renowned faculty members to provide curricular engagement and field trips to give students an appreciation of the educational importance of Sewanee's setting and to help them find their own places as they start their college careers.

Pre-Orientation (PRE)

Dates: Aug. 24–27, 2016
Number of spots available: 210
Cost to attend: $260
Registration opens May 4

PRE offers recreational opportunities for first-year students to form deep relationships with one another and with Sewanee Outing Program leaders. Activities include hiking, swimming, rock climbing, canoeing, caving, and much more.